Immersive Drone Solutions

Immersive Drone Solutions

SkyEdge 360 is a talented team of pilots, producers and makers based in Shoreditch, London.

We film in HD 4K, we film 360 VR video and we build custom drones.
We provide stunning solutions for productions, promotions and performances for eyecatching impact.

Aerial Filming

We are CAA approved pilots with a passion for high impact aerial footage. We film in HD 4K and with a track record of getting hard to obtain permissions and permits.

Custom Drones

We dont just fly drones, we build them too. Whether it is a novelty drone for a PR stunt or for a specific industry purpose we can manufacture a bespoke drone to your specifications

360 VR Filming

We are experienced in filming dynamic 360 VR video both in the Air, Ground and can film underwater too.


We are capable of inspecting infrastructure in High definion, Infrared or Hyperspectral imaging. We produce high resolution orthomosaic maps for GIS and 3D models ready for 3d Printing and Game engines.



We work with Agencies, Charities, Industry, Councils and NGO's.

Our Team

SkyEdge 360 is a talented team of pilots, makers & producers.
Our team regularly flies internationally for work and have the required vaccines for at-risk areas

Our Drones

Here is an overview of our drone capabilities

Aerial Drone

Perfect for Filming and Mapping

  • 4K HD Video
  • Gyrostabilised
  • 360 VR Ready
  • Live Feed
  • Programmable Waypoints

Rover Drone

Ideal for live action and VR

  • Multiple Camera Options
  • Gyrostablised Grip for VR
  • DJI Ronin Stabilisation
  • Programmable Waypoints
  • Live Feed
  • View Details

Submarine Drone

Underwater inspection and filming

  • 4K HD Video
  • Operational depth 100m
  • 360 VR Ready
  • Live Feed

Our Work

Examples of our work which represent our capabilities.


Here are some other projects that we have worked on.

  • All
  • Video
  • Custom Drones
  • Virtual Reality
Growing a World Wonder Ground Breaking VR Film
powerpuff girls drones dubai
Powerpuff Girls Powerpuff Girls soaring across the Dubai skyline
Future Food Festival! Waiter Drone
Flying People Custom Drones flying over London landmarks
Circus Drone Live Performance
Tank Girls Promotional Video
UEFA 2016 Virtual Reality Film
Sword Punk II Promotional Video

Contact Us

Please tell us about your next project and we will let you know what we can do to help you.